Best Frontend Languages of 2020 - React, Vue, Angular

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Front-end development is considered to be the backbone of every website/web application. It involves a process of converting the data to graphical interface using the HTML, CSS and other javascript frameworks. It gives the proficiency for the user to interact with data. The most common and efficient front-end languages that are used for website and application development is Angular, React and Vue. Now let's see the main difference between these three frameworks.


Angular is the most commonly used front-end framework that is developed and maintained by Google. Web applications developed in Angular is found to be more efficient and used widely in web/mobile apps development. Angular uses TypeScript for templating and coding.

Angular has most of the core libraries available in it as built-in. So for the core aspects, no external libraries need to be called. The learning pattern for angular is found to be bit complex than that of React and Vue. The TypeScript coding pattern makes the learning curve steepest compared to the other two.


One of the best javascript framework developed and maintained by Facebook. This library is capable of rendering and building components for the web page. It uses the JSX(Syntax Extension to Javascript) and all the UI elements are bind to this JSX. Thus we can say it is a pure javascript controlled framework.

React.js is considered an independent framework that does not include other library stacks. Developers need to include every library that they need to use with React.js even some core libraries like routing. Those who have good knowledge in Javascript found to be easier to learn React.js coding patterns. Toptal has recently released a tool called React.js Developer Hourly Rate that allows you to check the average salary range for a React.js developer.


Vue.js is an open-source javascript framework that was developed with the help of Angular and React.js. Vue is a new javascript framework that was developed in late 2014. But this framework had already gained developers interest within a short period.

Vue.js is the simplest among these javascript frameworks to learn. Since it's new to the industry the Vue.js team had developed extensive documentation that helps all developers easily to pick the coding patterns.